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Volumetric Video (also known as Hologram) is a technique that captures three-dimensional spaces and its exact dimensions, such as location or performance from real people without any markers or trackers.
It's 3D data that can be displayed in VR or AR environments and is considered as the next digital media.

Holograms features

The global Volumetric Video Market is estimated to grow to $5.8 billion by 2025. Thi is mostly due to growing applications of voluemtric video in different industries. VR and AR content has been used for toB: medical applications, toC: Entertainment and Education.

  • The growing availability of volumetric capture hardware is also supporting this pandemic situation.

  • Entertainment, sports and events applications are expected to dominate the market in terms of revenue. Medical field is driving practical applications of volumetric video. It helps to better visualise body parts as well as provide relistic 3D data for training purposes.

  • The latest potential of volumetric videos is for communication. However there are only a couple of companies in the world currently allowing live streaming of volumetric video and Holotch is one of the best in terms of quality of this infrastructure.

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